Chống sét cho đường tín hiệu của DEHN- DEHN - SÖHNE GmbH - Co.KG- Surge Protection for IT Systems

Chống sét cho đường tín hiệu của DEHN, DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG

Chống sét cho đường tín hiệu của DEHN, DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co.KG, Surge Protection for IT Systems

Surge Protection for IT Systems

Our Yellow/Line surge protection portfolio comprises surge protective devices for information technology devices and systems of buildings, process plants and telecommunication systems.


Pluggable DIN Rail Mounted SPDs

The pluggable DIN rail mounted arresters of the BLITZDUCTORconnect and BLITZDUCTOR SP/XT/XTU series can be universally used for protecting measuring and control circuits as well as bus and telecommunication systems.

Compact DIN Rail Mounted SPDs

The compact BLITZDUCTORconnect combined arresters are universal, space-saving and functionally optimised protective devices for measuring and control circuits as well as bus systems. The products of the BLITZDUCTOR VT series feature application-optimised protection components for process and automation technology, the DEHNvario series includes products for protecting security systems.

SPDs for LSA Technology

The DEHNrapid series for LSA technology is a flexibly combinable system of lightning current and surge arresters for telecommunication systems and measuring and control applications.

SPDs for field devices

Surge arresters of the DEHNpipe series provide effective protection for field devices, also in hazardous areas.

SPDs for telecommunication and data networks

The surge arresters of the DEHNpatch product series protect Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. They can be flexibly installed / retrofitted at the terminal device or in 19" distribution cabinets.

SPDs for building systems

Arresters for building systems are surge protective devices for telecommunication interfaces and bus systems for building automation whicg can be easily installed and retrofitted.

SPDs for Coaxial Connection

The arresters of the DEHNgate and UGKF series provide protection for coaxial systems such as satellite systems, modem technology, video and transmission systems and large transmitters and receivers.

SPDs for SUB-D Connection

The FS and USD arresters with SUB-D connection are designed for installation at terminal equipment and are ideally suited for protecting V-24, RS485/422 and Profibus-DP interfaces.

Shield connection systems and enclosures

Lightning-current-tested shield terminals with accessories for lightning equipotential bonding of cable shields and aluminium enclosures for DIN rail mounted devices.

Measuring and test devices

The DEHNrecord portfolio includes products for preventive and condition-based maintenance of different LifeCheck-equipped arrester families. The associated monitoring devices are available as stationary units or flexible handheld test devices.

Chống sét cho đường tín hiệu của DEHN- DEHN - SÖHNE GmbH - Co.KG- Surge Protection for IT Systems

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