Chống sét đường tín hiệu, chống sét đường truyền thông, DCO RK ME, DCO RK MD, , DCO RK MD HF 5, DCO RK E, DCO RK D,

• Minimum installation width of only 6 mm

• Quick installation with jumper bar(accessory part)

• Spring-loaded connection system

6 mm two-pole terminal block with integrated surge protection and cageclamp terminal. Earthing via DIN rail or clamp.

DEHNconnect RK is a 6 mm terminal block with integrated surge protectionand has five spring-loaded cage clamp terminals allowing two linesto be protected and equipotential bonding to the terminal equipment tobe established.

The snap-in fixing at the supporting foot allows the deviceto be safely earthed via the DIN rail. For reduced wiring, jumper bars canbe plugged into the protected side of the SPD to transmit signals.

As theenclosure of the SPDs is open on one side to minimise the width, a coveringplate should be used at the end of every SPD block.